About Us

Two friends from Wisconsin were fed up with the high prices of alcohol on the golf course. $5 light beers? Are you kidding me? After countless times of shotgunning beers in the parking lot just to get a quick buzz before heading out on the course, it hit them. 

What if they could make a more discrete way to bring their favorite booze out on the golf course? But how? What could fit into a golf bag, still blend in with the everyday golf equipment, and still hold enough booze to get you through those double bogeys?


Two years after designing the first golf ball shaped shot glass in their dorm room, Dylan and Brad finally decided it was time allow the rest of the world in on the big secret. The secret that is Golf Shots. 

Golf Shots is the world's first golf ball shaped shot glass. Fill up your sleeve of three Golf Shots with 1.5 ounces of your favorite liquor, cap the top, and throw it in your golf bag. You can take these bad boys out while you're on the course and have yourself THE round between rounds.

Get yours today.

If you would like to contact us in regards to wholesale prices, golf outings, or any other events shoot an email to contact@drinkgolfshots.com. We work to be extremely accommodating for everyone, so please reach out!